Krakow is a wonderful city with lots of landmarks and tourist attractions. Each day is a chance for new experiences and there are so many possibilities that it would be hard to try them all. With the help of our guests, we have created several tours, most of which meet all possible expectations of tourists visiting our apartments.

Sightseeing the old town Krakow is a city full of stories and monuments from the last millennium. It would be difficult to tame them all, but with the help of our licensed guide, you will definitely be able to visit the most important and the smaller but most interesting ones.
from 20 PLN per person
Auschwitz Birkenau A place of memory that nobody would like to see but they should. The infamous showcase of Lesser Poland, where an estimate of 1-1.5 million people died from the hands of the Nazis in the concentration and extermination camp complex.
from 150 PLN per person
Wieliczka Salt Mine "Wieliczka" Salt Mine is an extraordinary place - hidden from the world, full of secrets and legends. If you want to see them with your own eyes, we invite you to discover the underground. We invite you for a trip to the Mine of Secrets.
from 190 PLN per person
Shooting Range The best shooting range in Krakow has prepared special, extended packages for us, to which only our guests have access! Ready for an adrenaline rush that surges up with each squeeze of the trigger?
from 330 PLN per person
Melex Explore the city in the comfortable seat of a top-class golf cart. Lots of different packages, dozens of available languages translate into hours of discovering the monuments and attractions of Krakow!
from 40 PLN per person
Communism tour Experience an adventurous, melancholic journey through time in a Trabant car to Nowa Huta - the first Polish socialist realist city built comprehensively from scratch. This place, along with a huge metallurgical plant, was the pride of the communist authorities.
from 169 PLN per person
Paintball A bit like war, but this time nobody gets (seriously) hurt. Paintball offers all the fun of armed combat, but the losses are just a bit of a loser's wounded pride and strange bruising in vulnerable areas.
from 130 PLN per person
Nightlife Guiding Krakow is the Polish capital of events. The number of clubs and bars can be overwhelming and it is easy to get lost in them. Our nightlife guides will help you to make the evening unforgettable and full of fun. What happened in Krakow - will stay in Krakow
from 90 PLN per person
Zakopane City Do you want to ski? Hiking in the mountains? To buy souvenirs at the longest market in Poland? Use dog sleds? Visit the ice maze? To climb to the top of the huge ski jump? You will find this and many other mountain attractions in Zakopane - the capital of Polish mountains!
from 200 PLN per person
Other If you would like to organize an activity not mentioned above, please contact us and we will try to help.
from 20 PLN per person